About Us

Our Story

Upon graduation from high school, adults with intellectual disabilities often face an uncertain future. Many may not have the ability to hold a job or continue education like their peers. They don’t have a way to develop hobbies or to stay active and most are not connected to a community. There is no graduation from an intellectual disability and there is a significant need for continuing education and training after high school. That is where Brother’s Keeper steps in, in a unique way. Brother’s Keeper provides a forum for life-long learning and a community for these adults to belong to – a community where they feel included. As a Christian faith-based education and enrichment program, Brother’s Keeper enriches lives, gives hope, meaning, and purpose to a population that is otherwise overlooked and easily dismissed. We provide a place for adults with special needs to maximize their God-given potential within a supportive community. Participants are given opportunities to develop self-confidence, personal satisfaction, and to form a community of friends. There is something almost magical about how Brother’s Keeper navigates a day with purpose and joy. The needs of those born with intellectual disabilities begin at birth and last a lifetime. They don’t ever outgrow the need for care and services; education and training for these individuals is an essential life-long need.

Our participants have learned to balance work and fun at Brother’s Keeper. We don’t measure success in job titles, grades, or promotions. We measure success in the small victories – the small accomplishments that lead to confidence, motivation, and larger victories!! They celebrate each other – whether it is a birthday, a small victory, or making a basketball shot. We have created a unique community – working together; encouraging and supporting each other.

Looking to the future, we want to build a campus community with residential options. We want to expand activities and learning opportunities and make these available to all attendees and residents. It will be a thriving community filled with joy and hope; where our participants continue to reach new milestones, expand their capabilities, and make this their home.

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Our Vision

Brother’s Keeper has the desire that every adult with mild-to-moderate disabilities have the opportunity to develop his/her potential, belong to a community of friends, and have a purpose in their life.

Our Mission

Brother’s Keeper is an educational and enrichment program that provides a forum for life-long learning to educate, empower, and engage adults with mild-to-moderate disabilities in order for them to lead productive and meaningful lives.

Our Values

Brother’s Keeper core values are Faith, Grace, Honesty, and Respect.  Leadership, staff, and volunteers all strive to exemplify ethical and professional behavior, lead by example, and abide by the “Golden Rule” when interacting with the adults attending Brother’s Keeper.

Our Philosophy

Brother’s Keeper believes that every individual has inherent, God-given value. We recognize the adults attending our program for their special abilities as well as their special needs; we are passionate about guiding these adults as they maximize their God-given potential. We believe in the interdependence not only of our community at Brother’s Keeper, but also, of our community at large, for the adults attending our program have a great capacity to serve and support others. Our role at Brother’s Keeper is to equip them to serve each other and the community as they serve best. While working diligently and conscientiously to secure the needs of Brother’s Keeper, we will face the future with enthusiasm because we have faith in the sufficiency of God’s provision.