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Brother’s Keeper is an educational and enrichment program designed to educate adults with intellectual disabilities to empower them to engage with the community. Providing these adults with opportunities for life-long learning acknowledges that their potential to grow doesn’t end on graduation day!


With its emphasis on education and training, Brother’s Keeper facilitates the continued intellectual, vocational, physical, social, and spiritual development of adults with intellectual disabilities (our Participants). We believe that learning never stops for anyone and that with support, we can continue education and training for these adults with special needs who may not otherwise have the opportunity. Our program offers hope, meaning, and purpose to our participants and gives them a reason to get up every day.


At Brother’s Keeper, we acknowledge each person’s inherent, God-given value. We see the potential that lies just beneath the veneer–they have special abilities, not just special needs! Accordingly, the training at Brother’s Keeper is tailored to each individual’s special skills and needs so as to maximize the potential of each adult. Our encouraging staff and volunteers affirm these adults as they learn and apply new skills. Each adult’s success makes a valuable contribution to the Brother’s Keeper community.


As the participants taste success at Brother’s Keeper, they’ll gain the confidence to engage their broader community. It’s about a paradigm shift. These adults aren’t dependent on the community, and the community isn’t independent of these adults. They are part of an interdependent community in which Brother’s Keeper equips them to thrive. We introduce and instill giving back to our community through community service at least once per week. Our participants know they are helping people in need and it is a very rewarding opportunity for them!