Arts and Leisure

Brother’s Keeper provides many opportunities for our participants to explore their creativity and expand on recreational skills.  The arts are a large part of the programming at Brother’s Keeper, especially in our hand-crafts.  We enjoy weekly sessions with a volunteer art instructor and a volunteer clogging instructor.  These provide participants the ability to express themselves through the arts and gain new skills in the process. We are able to improve motor coordination through both of these sessions.  Plus, the participants love the opportunity to show off skills they have learned!

We all have ways to interact with our community.  Our participants enjoy taking full advantage of this and enjoy going out in our area.  We have enjoyed seeing a play or a movie, going to Special Olympics, bowling, and touring local attraction sites.

Another way our participants engage in their community is through volunteering and service.  They enjoy these opportunities and are able to see the good in giving back.  We often can be found out and about, volunteering at our local library, working in the food bank, or assisting other non-profits in our area.

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